EventsSNO Conference 2021

SNO Conference 2021

The Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO) is a permanent non-profit corporation that provides the infrastructure to carry out its mission of research, education, and responsibility related to both sustainability and nanotechnology.

This year’s SNO conference will take place on 3-5 November 2021 and will remain virtual to recover from the past year’s stricter Covid-19 pandemic environment.

The 10th SNO conference is looking forward in time to understand where nanotechnology is making the most significant environmental and sustainable scientific breakthroughs and demonstrate how applications using nanotechnology can be sustainably developed going forward.

A group of dynamic experts to help lead and shape the field have been asked to organize sessions on:

  • Risk Governance
  • Occupational and Environmental Exposure Assessment
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Water, air, soil treatment and remediation
  • Fate and transport
  • Ecotoxicology and Human toxicology
  • Education
  • Green/Sustainable nanomaterials
  • Nanosensors
  • Nanomedicine
  • Rising Stars in Sustainable Nanotechnology

These topics are critical areas where nanotechnology can achieve major breakthroughs, and this conference provides a forum for approximately 200 attendees to share ideas, develop collaborations, and recognize accomplishments of leaders, present and future, in the field.

Students are specially encouraged to submit applications for the Student Award and for the Emerging Investigator Award.

Conference Deadlines:

HARMLESS will be presented in the following talk:
4th November, 9:25 AM

“Assessing exposure and hazard of industrially relevant advanced materials (e.g. Perovskites, Aerogels, Imogolites) by developing safe by design (SbD) strategies” by Veronica Di Battista (BASF)

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EU-funded H2020 Research & Innovation Action addressing Safe-by-Design of multicomponent nanomaterials running from January 2021 - January 2025