Scientific Publications

Similarity of multicomponent nanomaterials in a safer-by-design context: the case of core–shell quantum dots
Environmental science: Nano, on the special issue on Advanced Materials (2024) | BASF, DTU, IDEA, UG, HMGU | DOI: 10.1039/D3EN00338H

Bridging Smart Nanosystems with Clinically Relevant Models and Advanced Imaging for Precision Drug Delivery
Advanced Science 2024, 2308659 | HMGU | DOI: 10.1002/advs.202308659

Physicochemical properties of 26 carbon nanotubes as predictors for pulmonary inflammation and acute phase response in mice following intratracheal lung exposure
Environ.Toxicol. and Pharmacol.(2024), Vol.107, 104413 | NRCWE | DOI: 10.1016/j.etap.2024.104413

Roadmap Safe and Sustainable Advanced and Innovative Materials 2024-2030 (Version v5) - Preprint
Zenodo (2024) | BNN, KI, TEMASOL | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.11191095

Everything falls apart: How solids degrade and release nanomaterials, composite fragments, and microplastics
NanoImpact (2024), Vol. 34, 100510 | BASF, TEMASOL | DOI: 10.1016/j.impact.2024.100510

Advanced Materials Earliest Assessment (AMEA)
Environ. Sci.: Nano, 2024, Advance Article | BASF, CIT, TEMASOL, DTU, TNO, BauA, HMGU, BfR | DOI: 10.1039/D3EN00831B

Roadmap safe and sustainable advanced and innovative materials. (Outlook for 2024-2030)
CSBJ: Nano (2024), Vol.25, 105-106 | BNN, KI, TEMASOL | DOI: 10.1016/j.csbj.2024.05.018


Status, implications and challenges of European safe and sustainable by design paradigms applicable to nanomaterials and advanced materials
RSC Sustain. (2023), 1, 234-250 | BNN | DOI: 10.1039/d2su00101b

From Principles to Reality. FAIR Implementation in the Nanosafety Community
Zenodo (2023). | BfR, Misvik, IDEA, KI, TEMASOL | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7614989

Breathing-induced stretch enhances the efficacy of an inhaled and orally delivered anti-fibrosis drug in vitro
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology (2023), 82, 104316 | HMGU | DOI: 10.1016/j.jddst.2023.104316

Editorial: Exploring impacts of combined exposures to particles and chemicals on immune reactions across living organisms
Front. Toxicol., (2023), Sec. Immunotoxicology, 5 | HMGU | DOI: 10.3389/ftox.2023.1148374

Single-walled vs. Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes: Influence of Physico-Chemical Properties on Toxicogenomics Responses of Mouse Lungs
Nanomaterials (2023), 13(6), 1059 | NRCWE, Environmental Health Science and Research Bureau Canada (HARMLESS Advisory Board) | DOI: 10.3390/nano13061059

ERS International Congress 2022: highlights from the Basic and Translational Science Assembly
Erj Open Research (2023) | HMGU | DOI: 10.1183/23120541.00561-2022

Transferability and reproducibility of exposed air-liquid interface co-culture lung modelsFrom Principles to Reality. FAIR Implementation in the Nanosafety
NanoImpact (2023), 31, 100466 | HMGU, BASF, SU | DOI: 10.1016/j.impact.2023.100466

Effect of Exposure Concentration and Growth Conditions on the Association of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles with Green Algae
Nanomaterials 2023, 13 (17) | DTU | DOI: 10.3390/nano13172468

Advanced Materials Assessment Schemes HARMLESS - OECD Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials (WPMN) Workshop Report
OECD Environment, Health and Safety Publications Series on the Safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials No. 107. ENV/CBC/MONO(2023)34. | TEMASOL, TNO, DTU, HMGU, BASF SE, BfR

Nanoparticle-Exposure-Triggered Virus Reactivation Induces Lung Emphysema in Mice
ACS Nano 2023, 17, 21, 21056-21072 | HMGU | DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.3c04111

Behaviour of Advanced Materials in environmental aquatic media - Dissolution kinetic and dispersion stability of perovskite automotive catalyst
Royal society of Chemistry (2023) | BASF, DTU | DOI: 10.1039/D3EN00685A

Meta-Analysis of Integrated Proteomic and Transcriptomic Data Discerns Structure–Activity Relationship of Carbon Materials with Different Morphologies

Advanced Science (2023) | BfR, KI | DOI: 10.1002/advs.202306268



Towards Computer-Aided Graphene Covered TiO2-Cu/(CuxOy) Composite Design for the Purpose of Photoinduced Hydrogen Evolution
Catalysts 2021, 11(6) | UG | DOI: 10.3390/catal11060698

INISS-Nano: revised concept and action plan (International Network Initiative on Safe and Sustainable Nanotechnologies) - Version 1.0
Zenodo (2021) | BNN | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5004929

ELIXIR and Toxicology: a community in development
F1000Research (2021), 10(ELIXIR):1129 | KI, Misvik, IDEA | DOI: 10.12688/f1000research.74502.1

A novel quantitative read-across tool designed purposefully to fill the existing gaps in nanosafety data
Environ. Sci.: Nano, 2022,9, 189-203 | GU | DOI: 10.1039/d1en00725d

Reply to: Prospects and challenges for FAIR toxicogenomics data
Nature Nanotechnology (2022), 17, 19–20 | Misvik, KI, BfR, IDEA |  DOI: 10.1038/s41565-021-01050-8

Scientific Magazines

As microscopic materials proliferate, ensuring they are safe is a priority
Horizon Magazine | Publication date: 14.11.2023 | Lead Beneficiary: HMGU; all partners contributing

Nanomaterialien: Unbedenklich oder Grund zur Sorge?
APA Science | Publication date: 21.11.2023 | Lead Beneficiary: HMGU; all partners contributing


Publications in Conference proceedings/Workshops

Conceptual Design of the HARMLESS Decision Support System
Poster @ NanoWeek 2022 (20-24 June 2022, Limassol, Cyprus) | TNO, TEMASOL, BASF | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6806190

Engineered nanomaterial-relevant AOPs; network creation and identification of key nodes for adverse outcomes
Presentation @ NanoWeek 2022 (20-24 June 2022, Limassol, Cyprus) | NRCWE, DTU, HMGU, INIA | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6806067

AOP training session
Lesson @ NanoWeek2022 (20-24 June 2022, Limassol, Cyprus) | NRCWE | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6806125

HARMLESS Workshop on SSbD for SMEs: AdMa in Product Development
Online (25 May 2023) | HMGU, CIT, TEMASOL, TNO, IDEA, BNN | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7974563

HARMLESS Decision Support System

Presentation at nanoSAFE 2023  (5-9 June 2023, Grenoble, France) | TNO | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8099067

Automatic workflow for HTS data FAIRification, preprocessing and Tox5 in-vitro toxicity scoring

Poster @ QSAR 2023 (5-9 June 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark) | IDEA, KI, Misvik | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8029959

Bayesian Network Models to combine and update models using incomplete data


Presentation @ Bayes Pharma 2023 (25-27 Oct. 2023 in Utrecht, Netherlands) | TNO | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10420899

Automatic workflow for in vitro high-throughput screening data FAIRification, preprocessing and scoring (Version 2)

Poster @ ECR Pitch Session on HARMLESS General Assembly (10-11 Jan. 2024, Ludwigshafen, Germany) | IDEA, KI, Misvik|

HARMLESS webinar on SSbD: demo with AdMa case studyAdMa in Product Development
Online (25 April 2024) | HMGU, TEMASOL, BASF, TNO, BNN | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.11459527


Project Deliverables

Deliverable 2.1 - Overview of relevant AOPs to inform NAM choice of KEs
Submission date: 31.01.2022 | Lead Beneficiary: NRCWE | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10556303

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