TEMAS Solutions GmbH (TEMASOL)


Blanca Suarez
Leader of WP4 “Safe Innovation approach”


Beatrice Salieri
Responsible for the implementation of sustainability into the SbD process

Safe Innovation Approach & framework development

TEMAS Solutions GmbH is a consultancy company (SME) which specialises into bringing competitive products on the market taking into account the dynamic landscape of regulation. Only in Europe, the ever-changing regulatory arena asks for innovators to keep themselves active regarding new legislation, directives, regulations, standards… TEMAS Solutions has an in-depth knowledge in toxicology, safety, risk assessment and a vast number of regulatory frameworks and specialises into turning this into an opportunity for business. To identify the right sector which brings products faster on the market, while paving the way regarding other sectors, can only result in a strategy which is cost-efficient and safe at the same time. In this regards, TEMAS Solutions staff has been involved in SbD strategies, including providing training to the SbD Implementation Platform (a publicly available platform developed under the NanoReg2 project). TEMAS Solutions staff was also behind the SbD standard proposed under CEN TC/352 Nanotechnologies. TEMAS Solutions guides their customers through the diverse needs of different regulations, helping in the review and implementation of product dossiers and talking to relevant regulatory authorities. TEMAS Solutions works at strategic levels such as the OECD, European Commission or the Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland to make sure we bring the latest and highest quality information to our customers. 

Main activities within HARMLESS:

  • WP4 leader 
  • Elaborate novel SbD frameworks adapted to the needs of industry, in particular SMEs
  • Implementation of SbD in industrial innovation processes
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