Misvik Biology Ltd (Misvik)


Vesa Hongisto
NAM-based and gap-filling driven high throughput data generation for hazard modeling 

Key biological/toxicological data provider

The SME Misvik Biology Oy (Misvik) provides cell biological research services, cutting-edge research for imaging-based and plate-based high-throughput biology and microscopy image analysis services. A specialty service is to apply cell biological assays in high-throughput formats for providing rapid and cost-effective Mode-of-Action level information about cellular processes in health and disease. The Toxicology Division has its prime focus on the nanotechnology market. The high-throughput and high-content screening knowhow allows for safe-by-design-driven assessment of novel materials and products under established protocols. The approach is diversely predictive and animal-free, and follows rules and concepts demanded by Governmental Bodies and which fall under the REACH regulation. The Toxicology Division has additional access to wide toxicological research and risk assessment experience due to its close collaboration with the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

Main activities within HARMLESS:

  • Key biological/toxicological data provider, testing of applicability of the decision support system
  • Contribution to the modelling of NMs&HARNs toxicity through application of multiparametric toxicity scores and omics-based predictive modelling
  • Identification of hazard characteristics, interactive effects of individual components and release materials of NMs&HARNs 
  • Application of high-throughput, SbD-coupled New Approach Methodologies in product development, including from applying tiered testing approaches, data-driven workflows and the Cooper-Stage-Gate innovation funnel
[borgholm_core_section_title tagline="get to know" title="HARM LESS" subtitle="EU-funded H2020 Research & Innovation Action addressing Safe-by-Design of multicomponent nanomaterials running from January 2021 - January 2025" line_break_positions="1" disable_title_break_words="no" special_style_positions="2" title_tag="span" subtitle_margin_top="29px" enable_text_custom_styles="yes" text_color="#000000" _element_width="initial"]