Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Department of Environmental Engineering (DTU)


Anders Baun
Professor, Task leader in WP2 on bioaccumulation studies


Aiga Mackevica
PostDoc, Environmental toxicology and nanoparticle analysis in WP2

Ecotoxicity, bioaccumulation and environmental persistence

DTU is the largest technical university in Scandinavia and currently has more than 1.100 PhD students enrolled. The Department of Environmental Engineering (DTU ENV) aims to develop technical and sustainable solutions to minimize the impact of society on the environment and humans through research and teaching at an international level. DTU ENV is one of the largest university groups in Europe specialising in environmental engineering, including among environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology. The department has State‐of‐the‐Art instrumentation for environmental analytical chemistry, microbiology and ecotoxicology. DTU ENV has in‐depth knowledge on aquatic ecotoxicology, fate and behaviour of engineered nanoparticles as well as development of decision support tools for risk assessment. In recent years the group has acquired outstanding expertise in the detection and characterization of NMs also in complex matrices, like water samples and biological tissues (e.g., by single-cell-ICP-MS and single-particle-ICP-MS). DTU ENV has a substantial track record within nanomaterial testing and test development with a specific expertise in algal and crustacean testing. All testing has a regulatory focus and the NanoRisk group has had a high impact on both OECD and ECHA activities.

Main activities within HARMLESS:

  • Test development, testing and evaluation of the ecotoxicity, bioaccumulation and environmental persistence (WP2)
  • Contribution to the development of SbD principles and risk matrices for the environment (WP4)
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