NewsNMBP-16 Ambassadors meet in Grenoble to align activities

NMBP-16 Ambassadors meet in Grenoble to align activities

On 8 June 2023, representatives from the six Task Forces gathered once more to delve into the scientific advancements achieved within the three NMBP-16 sister projects, namely DIAGONAL, HARMLESS, and SUNSHINE. Their primary objective was to assess the current state of inter-project collaboration and foster mutual understanding. Given that many of the partners were already attending the nanoSAFE 2023 & EU-NSC joint conference, the meeting conveniently took place in Grenoble, France the same week.

The organization of the meeting fell under the responsibility of Beatriz Alfaro and Susanne Resch (BNN), with Susanne Resch (from BNN) serving as the moderator. This collaborative assembly presented an exceptional opportunity for the participants to share comprehensive updates regarding the progress made in each Task Force (Stakeholder Engagement, Grouping and read-across (Hypotheses and IATA editing/development), Database Task Force, Risk Management (incl. Exposure Assessment & Risk Assessment tools), MCNMs (Meaning of MCNM, case study comparison and sector-specific transparency), Hazard Assessment). By doing so, they aimed to foster a deeper understanding of the advancements achieved and identify potential areas of synergy.

Moreover, the meeting served as a platform to facilitate discussions on joint activities that could be undertaken collectively by the three projects in order to amplify the impact of their individual contributions. Through these deliberations, the representatives were able to establish a clearer roadmap and outline the upcoming milestones and endeavours to be pursued in the following months.

Overall, the meeting in Grenoble proved to be a valuable occasion for cross-project exchange and evaluation. It allowed the representatives to stay abreast of scientific progress, enhance inter-project cooperation, and establish a strategic framework for future interactions. Such gatherings play a vital role in fostering collaboration and propelling scientific endeavours forward within the NMBP-16 sister projects.

Susanne Resch from BNN moderating the NMBP-16 Ambassadors meeting.

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