NewsHARMLESS @ Seminar on health effects of exposure to particles and dust

HARMLESS @ Seminar on health effects of exposure to particles and dust

On 29 May 2024, an interdisciplinary seminar for the Danish Committee of Occupatinal Disease and the representatives from Occupational Medicine in Denmark on working environment and occupational injury took place in Hillerod, Denmark, and online. 

The day offered exciting presentations on the latest news about electrical injuries, allergy investigation in a provocation chamber, inhalation of dust particles in the working environment and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, etc. And what does the future of research look like, and how can new technology help to ensure research results – all from an occupational injury perspective.

Our colleague Ulla Vogel, from NRCWE, had an oral presentation with the title “Inhalation of particles and dust in the working environment and risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer from an industrial injury point of view“, where she had the opportunity to opportunity to discuss the health effects of exposure to particles and dust with the Occupational Diseases Committee and the occupational medicine clinics. Her main recommendation was that the inhalation of particles causes cancer and cardiovascular diseases, especially the small particles, an therefore, the exposure to the small particles in the working environment needs to be limited! 

The seminar might have a big impact in real workers: as the Occupational Diseases commitee and the occupational medicin clinist are the ones who meet people who may have become ill from having inhaled the particles at work. 

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