NewsConference on Tools and Test for Safer-by-Design Nanomaterials

Conference on Tools and Test for Safer-by-Design Nanomaterials

On 18-20 September 2023 took place the Conference on Tools and Test for Safer-by-Design Nanomaterials in Braga (Portugal) in the facilities of the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL).


This 2023 edition of the conference was organised by the SBDToolbox Project. It addressed the most promising methods and tools to obtain the relevant data encompassing the specific properties that differentiate nanomaterials from chemicals. The conference paid special attention to the particular needs of the diverse impact and application areas, namely health, food or environment and their relationship in the integrative context of ONE HEALTH.


The conference brought together researchers, policy-makers and industry in a full programme with insightful plenaries, invited talks, and networking opportunities focused on (1) Nanomaterials regulatory framework, (2) New models and tools for nanomaterials hazard characterization: in silico, in vitro, organ-on-a-chip, and (3) Nanomaterials risk assessment in the context of ONE HEALTH: nanomaterials analysis in the food chain and environmental risk.


Two of HARMLESS partners were invited key note speakers in the session “Nanomaterials Regulatory Framework”. Wendel Wohlleben (BASF) gave an oral presentation on Advanced Materials, talking about categorisation and assessment at early innovation stages”.  Wouter Fransman (TNO) talked about computational tools for safe innovation of nano- and advanced materials.

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