Advisory Board

Our advisory board consists of 4 international experts.

The HARMLESS advisory board is a group of renowned researchers and professionals from relevant areas who meet regularly with the consortium throughout the project. They support and advise the consortium on all scientific issues, on ethics and on exploitation and dissemination of results.

Wan-Seob Cho

Lab of Toxicology, Department of Medicinal Biotechnology 
College of Health Sciences, Dong-A University, Busan, Republic of Korea

Role in the project: Scientific Advisor

Expertise: Nano-related toxicity, exposure, risk, nanosafety and safe-by-design strategies, regulatory perspective

Philip Demokritou

Harvard University, and Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences
HSPH Center for Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology
Harvard-NIEHS Nanosafety Research Center

Role in the project: Scientific Advisor; Provision of NM for 1 case study 

Expertise: Nanotoxicology, Public Health, NAM technologies, exposure vs. dose modelling

Sabina Halappanavar

Research Scientist, Environmental Health Science and Research Bureau Canada, Health Canada, Ottawa, Canada
Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology – University of Ottawa, Canada

Role in the project: Scientific Advisor

Expertise: Nanotoxicology, Adverse Outcome Pathways, Toxicogenomics, Novel Approach Methodologies

Annie Jarabek

Health and Environmental Effects Assessment Division
Center for Public Health and Environmental Assessment (CPHEA)
Office of Research and Development
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA)

Role in the project: Scientific Advisor

Expertise: Human health risk assessment approaches, Inhalation dosimetry modelling and toxicology, Evidence integration and extrapolation, regulatory applications

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