Events1st Stakeholder Workshop of the BMBF-project InnoMat.Life

1st Stakeholder Workshop of the BMBF-project InnoMat.Life

Innovative and complex materials: Towards grouping to support hazard and risk assessment Nanosafety research so far mainly investigated simple nanomaterials while materials on the market often cover broad size distributions (nm to μm), they show a variety of different morphologies and may be composed of different substances. It remains unclear to which extent existing methods and knowledge can be applied to these complex material types.


The BMBF-funded project InnoMat.Life (“Innovative Materials and new production processes):

Safety along the life cycle and in industrial value chains”) addresses this challenge and investigates three additional material classes:

(1) polydisperse materials for industrial applications such as metals or polymer powders for additive manufacturing,

(2) materials with other and potentially critical morphologies such as rods, plates or fibres and

(3) hybrid materials of mixed chemical composition. The project assesses exposure and hazards for humans and the environment and considers the whole life cycle.

InnoMat.Life aims to support regulators, industry and decision makers by providing suitable methods to conduct hazard and risk assessment of these innovative and complex material types with a special emphasis on establishing criteria and similarity concepts to perform grouping. To achieve this the project combines expertise from academia, agencies and industry.

This workshop is addressed to stakeholders from policy, science, industry and NGOs who are dealing with regulatory implications of innovative materials in the context of chemical safety. InnoMat.Life will present the interim results of the project to seek stakeholder’s input for the last project year.

The workshop will take place at the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), Max-Dohrn-Strasse 8-10, Berlin, Germany ( Online participation will be possible.

Download InnoMatLife_Stakeholder WS_Agenda 

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